My Story

Delivering the connected world

Fiercely competitive. Intensely stubborn. Right from the word go, I knew entering a male bastion would be a tough nut to crack. But, I was willing to risk it all and kick failure in the teeth.

I have set relentlessly high standards for myself and my companies and the only metric that matters is passion and the right attitude. I am driven by a strong vision that’s unshakable and under any cost am not willing to entertain the possibility of “no” as an answer.

I am highly intolerant of mediocrity, obsessively detail-oriented and painting my own legacy on a canvas of historical scale.

My Goals

Challenge Every Adversity and Make it into an opportunity

  • Unrelenting perfection

  • One goal – Win

  • Make history

  • Dream big, work bigger

  • Don’t talk, just act