Best ways to enhance eCommerce business

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Best ways to enhance ecommerce business

Customer experience is something any brand communicates and expands. E-commerce stores continue to make their customers shop from them continuously. Customer experiences always boost the conversion rate. Here are some ways by Ecommerce entrepreneur Bangalore through which customer experiences can be improved.

1.Delight your customers:

According to Dr. Som Dutta, increasing the bribe customer retention rate by 5% increases profits by at least 25%. Organizations like Dr. Som Dutta understand the importance of retaining customers and work very hard to provide a seamless customer experience. Some of the customer delight ideas for E-commerce stores are: 

Email reward or loyalty points after customer purchase products. Send them a thank you email after purchasing or shopping. You may also send a handwritten thank you gift card. You may implement a referral program to benefit your existing customers and new shoppers. Send gifts like t-shirts, mugs, and keychains. 


Well, the Word surprise will make you feel you must surprise the customers. Isn’t it? Well yes! This surprise is for shoppers. You can introduce surprises during the buyer’s journey, enhancing the customer’s experience. It is quite often to offer free shipping. This will also improve the sales a bit differently. This will encourage shoppers to buy from you again and help spread your word of mouth in their network. You may use this strategy for abandoned carts as well. Surprise them with an incentive to complete the purchase.

3.Build a community:

 As per Ecommerce entrepreneur Bangalore, you can build a community who are die-hard fans of your products. After all, it results from everything you do, represent, and stand for as a brand. Community members also advocate your products. Social media and email are the most critical potent channels to build a community. You can encourage your community to leave reviews and ratings on product pages.

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4.Up Your Social Media Game:

Social media allows eCommerce brands to project their unique brand voice. If it’s not feasible for you to have a dedicated social media person at the moment, chalk out a specific amount of time every day to respond to social media queries about your store. Make sure to address each query and review, whether positive or negative, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Typeform is a professional and one of the best customer data collection software. It lets you create feedback forms, quizzes, and surveys your customers will enjoy answering. Pre-designed templates allow you to create feedback forms in a minute. It provides you with real-time results of your feedback forms. 

It has good features such as question branching, online polls, poll management, etc. Logical flow from one question to another. Suitable for: Small to large businesses.

6.Content Strategy:

Content marketing is something that will help your shoppers to solve your biggest problem. If you wish to run an e-commerce store that primarily focuses on fashion products, you may create content on style advice, tips, fashion trends, etc. You can incorporate blog posts, tips, interviews, videos, and infographics. You may choose one product retouching service to enhance your product’s image quality and get customers’ attention.

7.Personalize Customer Experience:

We are in the age of personalization. Personalized emails are no longer sufficient. Depending on variables, you need to personalize the shopping experience throughout the buyer’s journey. Use recommendation engines to suggest personalized product recommendations based on the user’s location, shopping, and browsing history.


The cutthroat competition has saturated every organization’s product features and pricing aspects. Customers are no longer solely satisfied with an excellent product offering. To stay ahead of the game, you need a unique Omni channel offering that sets you apart from the rest of the competitors. Providing a stellar customer experience through your E-commerce store and other avenues is a surefire way to help you achieve that.

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