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Armed with a dream no one had faith in, Dr. Som Dutta has metamorphosed from being a rebel to one of today’s highly prominent serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor and NASSCOM Product Council’s Vice-chairperson. She’s also the Co-trustee and Director at Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CEE), founder of Unspun Group, one of India’s 1st technology-based marketing products, services, and training company based out of Bangalore and a doting mother.

She’s kicking ass and breaking barriers in a male dominant Himalayan territory. She smirks, “My parents are doctors, they wanted me to follow suit. I had other plans.” She believes in application of knowledge, she’s a hand on practical visionary and you aren’t a visionary if there is no execution, right?

Making one person in every family digitally literate is an integral component of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary Digital India initiative. With this vision and the dictum Educate India, Empower India, Dr. Som has founded Digital Leadership Institute, a not-for-profit organization that offers Digital Marketing Certification courses.

DLI is focused on making the youth of India digitally literate with a purpose of making them lead self-sustainable lives. DLIs online platform is dedicated to providing employment to 100s of digitally qualified trainers who are today able to train students and professionals alike without having to leave their homes in search of better opportunities.

about her


With JRD Tata’s principles & art of business leadership as an example, Dr. Som’s motto has been simple: innovate, simplify, diversify.


Dr. Som likes to break away from monotony, the sole reason why she’s invested in some of the funkiest startups in town. Her belief – invest not to exist but to expand and grow!


Dr. Som’s never been risk-averse. She says, “The only way to fortify your investments is by taking risks!” Her aim – help businesses use time efficiently & maximize their potential.


With IRA-House of Designers, India’s 1st design in-sourcing & collaboration platform to address unemployed artisans & designers’ challenges, Dr. Som has taken a step towards changing the status quo.

When failure is not an option…

Known for her hands-on approach, industry expertise and resolve, Dr.Som Dutta has been endowed with the expertise to assist companies that need support with an explicit route to broaden their horizons. Some of the several companies that she has mentored are – Taxi4Sure, Chargebee, Mobstac, Hotelogix, TookiTaki, Explara, Indianstage, Unboxed, and Indix.